Research & Development HVAC Services

At Engineered Cooling Solutions, We Understand That Time Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources Available To An R&D Organization.

By providing a safe, controlled, and healthy working environment, we assist R&D clients in maximizing the use of their time and resources.

Our trained technicians work closely with leading R&D organizations to understand:

  • Facility compliance requirements

  • Environmental health and safety standards

  • System design parameters

  • Operating conditions

As an ENERGY STAR® partner member of the U.S. Green Building Council®, all HVAC services focus on clean air, low-impact ventilation and filtration systems.  We also have a comprehensive energy optimization plan to evaluate low cost savings that can enhance the work environment.

At the same time, our HVAC service technicians maintain a strict focus on safety and continual education, so you’re guaranteed to have the most skilled and effective technicians maintaining your R&D facility.