Projects and Design-Retrofit

Our design build process goes beyond designing a new system. Our goal is to provide you with the greatest long-term return on investment. 

As your system design partner, we analyze the operational and financial factors associated with various equipment and configurations to help determine each project’s feasibility and value. We understand that building systems have a life cycle of their own and evaluate each system’s overall condition before developing options for improvement. 

Whether the solution involves unitary or built-up systems, controls and building automation systems, or today's most advanced boilers and cooling plants, our technicians take a holistic approach to design build projects.  We understand that every change is interconnected and may affect overall performance.  

Design Build Considerations Include:

  • energy efficiency savings

  • incentives or rebates

  • maintenance expenses

  • ongoing operating expenses

  • ROI calculations from projected savings 

We manage and schedule the parts and materials, personnel, safety programs, and commissioning. Because we have the right resources, we can fulfill virtually all project requirements without subcontracting the work. This means all our projects are guaranteed to the highest standards of quality.