Emergency HVAC Repair Services

Engineered Cooling provides fast, reliable HVAC repair service to facilities throughout Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Our experienced HVAC technicians are available 24/7 to respond to heating and air repair need and provide HVAC emergency repair.

We understand that equipment down time is unacceptable for many businesses, including medical, information, data storage and pharmaceutical facilities. To improve response time for HVAC emergency repair, our field technicians have access to critical, real-time information through an innovative mobile communication platform.

This mobile technology also provides technicians with access to a large database of equipment and operational resources to minimize downtime during an emergency.

HVAC Emergency Repair Services Include:

  • Experienced technicians to repair mission critical equipment

  • Temporary chillers and boilers to bridge gaps

  • Packaged cooling units

  • Pumping systems

  • 24x7 access

Need help now? Call our emergency phone number: 

(850) 432-7656.