Building Controls

Sophisticated Care For Your Complex Building System

The foundation of a good controls system is programming.  Our engineers and programmers know our products inside and out, and we understand how each change effects equipment the system as a whole.  We have a thorough understanding of the mechanical systems, electrical systems, and lighting systems that we work on.  Often proper DDC programming can be the difference between an inefficient and poorly functioning HVAC system and an energy efficient reliable system.  We spend as much time as it takes to make sure our clients’ systems are operating at the highest level.

Along with programming, commissioning is a critical piece of making sure the system operates correctly.  Surprisingly, many buildings are never properly commissioned, which means they might not even be operating as designed!  With our engineers, we commission each system and its individual components to make sure they are operating correctly and efficiently.  We have commissioned very large and complex systems and we have sophisticated commissioning processes in place to ensure accurate setup and implementation for any complex DDC or EMS project. 

Once the initial system programming and commissioning is completed, the system is turned over to our ongoing maintenance team.  We provide full retrocommissioning for our clients in order to regularly evaluate and tweak system performance.  Without proper maintenance and retrocommissioning, every system will degrade over time and eventually become inefficient and unreliable.  Our maintenance contracts are designed to continually optimize the system performance and find small problems before they turn into big or expensive issues.  Many times the energy savings from our maintenance agreements actually pay for themselves, not to mention the capital savings from giving equipment a longer life.